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Healthy Lunch Ideas For Both You and Your Kids!



Healthy Lunch Ideas For Both You and Your Kids!

You haven’t heard from me in a while!  I was on holiday back home in Egypt enjoying the beaches of the North Coast. I couldn’t have asked for more than my favourite beach spot in the world with family and old friends. I even took advantage of my spotty internet connection and went for a semi-digital detox.

Since you’ve been asking for healthy lunch ideas for both your kids and yourself, l prepared this for you.

I know! I know! You’d rather find ideas on how you can live at the beach right now, but your brain and body will thank you for filling up on delicious nutritious foods!

Many of us have picky eaters at home which means packing school lunches and your own lunch can be very stressful.

To make things easier, I developed a system you can use when packing those lunches.

Use my clean eating formula! 

Using my formula means we are sure we are taking in healthy nutritious foods on a daily basis!

This formula works with my kids and is perfect for adults too!

Each meal should have:

  • Protein (ex. beans, eggs, quinoa, organic chicken)
  • Clean carbs (ex. brown rice, basmati rice, sweet potato,*bread) *only whole grain or gluten-free bread if you are intolerant to wheat.
  • A healthy fat (ex. olive oil, avocado, hummus, walnuts)
  • Vegetables and fruits
  • A fun snack! – I sneak in a healthy treat here and there like organic chocolate chips on fruits, date balls, or home-made muffins.

Take a look at these yummy salads I made for my hubby and I to take to work yesterday in a few minutes. Trick: toss all the ingredients in a glass container, season with lemon and olive oil and you’re done! 


My formula is based on:

1. Energy and focus increase when kids (and adults) eat more WHOLE, CLEAN foods.

2. The less dairy and processed foods containing gluten you consume the better you will feel. These substances can lead to sluggishness, feeling tired and unfocused.

3. On the days you send sandwiches or crackers to school choose the most wholesome you can find. For example balady (pita) bread is better than processed buns.

4. Whole grains are better than white bread.

5. Sprouted grains and gluten-free varieties are great.


And for those not-so-healthy treats, here are clean substitutes:

Potato Chips: home made versions of potato chips, sweet potato chips, roasted chickpeas.

Dessert: home-made cake, muffins, energy balls, granola bars and home-made Nutella! 


It’s absolutely necessary you give your kids and yourself the best ammunition possible through food so you can have energy, focus, feel happy, maintain a healthy weight and succeed at what you’re doing!

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Yasmine Defouni

Yasmine is a Nutrition and Health Coach whose rich professional expertise is complemented by a caring, fun and integrative approach to nutrition and wellbeing. Through Healthytude, her nutrition and health coaching business, Yasmine offers a unique transformative experience. Her talent is making her clients’ nutrition needs reachable while helping them identify the life areas they need the most support with– physical, mental and emotional. As a result, her clients reach the healthiest, happiest, and most productive version of themselves. Follow Yasmine’s journey on Instagram and Facebook.

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