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Health And Safety Tips For Swimming In The Pool



Health And Safety Tips For Swimming In The Pool

Q: My kids swim almost every day during the summer. Do you have any tips to keep them healthy and safe while spending so much time in the pool?

A: First, since your kids are out in the sun, make sure they wear safe sunscreen and reapply it regularly. Kids can also wear a hat and t-shirt, if possible in the water, to help protect them from the sun. Kids should take a poolside shower before and after swimming. Showering beforehand ensures that the pool is clean for everyone, and after swimming, it is important to rinse off all the traces of chlorine, which can cause skin irritation. Pools can cause eye irritation, either if the water is not clean, or if there is too much chlorine. If your child’s eyes have secretions or seem irritated, see a doctor. Swimming can also increase the chance of getting an eat infection, so dry your child’s ears well after swimming.

Be sure to follow pool safety measures, because a child can drown in  seconds. An adult must always supervise a child who is near or in a pool. Tell kids that no rough play is allowed in the water. Children must be attended when they are in the pool. Don’t rely on their friends being with them.

Finally, many parents notice that swimming makes kids hungry and improves their appetite. It’s a good chance to get them to eat. But if they’ve eaten, they should take a half hour rest before swimming again, so they don’t feel nauseous.

By: Dr. Ahmed Darwish
Consultant Pediatrician
Director of the Genetics Lab Cairo University

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