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Flower Remedies




Flower Remedies

Flowers are one of nature’s gems that can transform your mood and add brightness to your life. It goes without saying that they positively impact our minds and bodies’ wellness and create emotional balance. They spread joy, cheerfulness and happiness! How many times were you truly delighted to receive a lovely flower bouquet, didn’t it brighten your day and make your heart smile?

What’s interesting is that flowers can also be used in natural healing remedies. Yes, remedies! They are widely used in alternative medicine and have been proven to enhance one’s mood, health and balance emotions.

Nada Rashed is a Complementary Alternative Medicine Practitioner and Reflexology Teacher, who has been working in Alternative Medicine since 2004; she also works with flower remedies. We had a chitchat with her on the different uses of Flower Remedies and how they can be used in healing. Enjoy an interesting read!

How are flowers powerful?
They are capable of changing the different vibrations of certain emotions and balance them, so that even when the circumstances do not necessarily change the person’s response, reaction and feeling towards it, actually changes and this in turn creates a state of harmony and well-being. Consequently, one can pursue their lives with less stress and more positivity.

What is Flower Therapy all about?
Flower essences therapy is actually a science. It is based on the fact that certain flowers have a therapeutic effect on the human body. The way the flowers are prepared to create remedies and the administration of specific remedies are then given according to the different emotional and mental states of the person.

What are the uses of Flower Remedies?

Flower remedies are mainly used for creating emotional balance. In other words, they are used to heal and improve emotional-related issues. They are used to balance out emotional disturbances or imbalances to leave the person feeling better and experience positive energy, which is very important in healing one’s emotional wounds.

What differs Flower Remedies from other remedies; in other words, what are the benefits of using Flower Remedies over others?
The two alternative medicine practices that we usually compare to each other are the flower remedies and homeopathy. Homeopathy works on all levels, emotional physical and mental; whereas the flower essences mainly focus on emotional issues.

Flower remedies are very powerful and help create inner peace, so that one’s emotional state is harmoniously aligned with one’s physical state. Furthermore, they can stimulate our own ability to heal on all levels of our being simultaneously, and accordingly they can be used in spiritual healing. Moreover, they work on balancing your personal ‘vibration’ or unique energy pattern. By doing so, they work on fundamental healing by addressing the root cause of the problem, rather than covering up and masking the symptoms of what you are suffering from. Last but not least, flower remedies are super safe. They can be used on babies, pregnant women, children and adults even pets and plants!

How are they administered? Is there a specific dosage or can they be used sparingly?
Yes, they need to be given according to the emotional state of the person. Based on that, the dose and the frequency are decided accordingly. The healing flowers out of which remedies are made have different energies.

Who is the alternative medicine practitioner who can prescribe Flower Remedies?
Someone who has studied flower essences therapy; and it is always a plus to have knowledge about other types of alternative medicine to complement the essences, if needed.

Do any of the flower remedies help with depression?
There are some remedies that help with depression or feeling despair in general. Some flowers for that are Blackthorn, Bluebell, and Flowering Currant.

Is it true that having flowers in a room can make one feel better?
Certainly! There is no doubt about that. The different colors and shapes and type of flowers do make us feel better and create an aura of positive energy.

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Dana Dinnawi

Dana Dinnawi is an Integrative Nutrition health coach specializing in empowering women to improve their health and family life. She received her training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where she studied more than one hundred dietary theories and a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. She can be reached through her website and Facebook page.

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