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Flower Arrangements: The Simple Delight that Brightens your Home



Flower Arrangements: The Simple Delight that Brightens your Home

How likely is it that you could frown at the sight of flowers? On the contrary, they actually do make you smile. And it’s almost impossible that you find orchids, tulips, peonies, hydrangea and ranunculus that you don’t like.

It goes without saying that having fresh flowers at home has endless amazing health and emotional benefits. This makes many practitioners call flowers Vitamin F! According to a Rutgers University study, there is a link between flowers and one’s satisfaction in life, since they increase happiness and reduce stress. Flowers bring positive energy and add a touch of color and a vibrant spirit to one’s home, which makes it inviting and warm.

“I have always been in love with nature and have had a passion for flowers. I enjoy spending lots of my free time roaming around and exploring my family’s farm. To me, this was such an exciting time, where I connected with mother earth and experienced it’s beauty in its fullest sense. I truly enjoy being outdoors,” says Malak Taher, CEO of Flower Power. “Utilizing my appreciation and admiration of nature, I began to work with flowers after taking a course in Japanese Ikebana, style floral arranging, and fell in love with floral design,” adds Malak. Flower Power came to life 30 years ago. “It began as a hobby in a small flower shop and evolved into a full-fledged floral design and event business.”

According to Malak, there are some easy steps to arrange a beautiful flower bouquet. The following are the practical steps:

  • The number of flowers used should be proportional to the size of the vase
  • Colors of the flowers should blend with the surrounding space
  • Flowers should be cut at a 45-degree angle to prolong its lifespan
  • Water in the flower vase should be changed daily
  • Use an odd number of flowers because by doing you make them look better
  • When it comes to the colors of the flowers, you have two options, either to use a degradation of the same color or a variety of shades, like pink and red for example or you can be more daring and go for two contrasting colors.
  • Mixing small and large flowers together or several flowers of the same size is totally okay. It mainly depends on the style of the arrangement. For example, Ikebana Japanese or modern style flowers require big and small flowers to create the look and contrast. A traditional garden usually involves a mix of several types of similar size flowers.
  • Some flowers last longer than others, so sometimes you would need more than one arrangement per month, in order to always keep your space bright.


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Dana Dinnawi

Dana Dinnawi is an Integrative Nutrition health coach specializing in empowering women to improve their health and family life. She received her training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where she studied more than one hundred dietary theories and a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. She can be reached through her website and Facebook page.

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