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Coloring as Meditation



Coloring as Meditation

Coloring as meditation is a beautiful way to get to know yourself very deeply and an incredibly simple way to reconnect with your creative self. This practice will help you feel more grounded, peaceful and accepting. Invite yourself on a regular basis to have this warm, deep connection with yourself through coloring. On top of the deep connection, it is also great for lowering stress and is reminiscent of a time as children, when we had no concerns or worries. Who doesn’t need that?

Find a comfortable place to sit still, and enjoy a few deep breaths as you get comfortable. Play your favorite music and diffuse an essential oil like lavender or burn your favorite candle. Consciously relax your body as you breathe in and out before you begin. As you color, imagine your breaths filling your heart with gratitude and love, and breathe out the negativity that may be residing within.

Buy yourself an adult coloring book or find your coloring inspiration in one of these online sites. Get good quality coloring pencils and a sharpener and you’re set to go!

Download a mandala to color.

If you’re keen on learning how to continuously be connected to inspiration and creativity, I recommend The Muse Spa program by Danielle Raine

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