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Carve Ramadan Memories with Your Kids!


Carve Ramadan Memories with Your Kids!

Ramadan is a spiritual month that we all look forward to with excitement and hope to get together and revive our soul and heart. There is a peaceful feeling and our focus turns inwards on connecting with ourselves and our family. Little acts of kindness such as feeding the poor, and connecting with relatives and friends provide us with a sense of shared responsibility and belonging. Through its routine, family time comes naturally unlike the rest of the year.


Our children learn by seeing us in action. However, here are some tips to carve in their minds some really good memories:


  • Talk to your children and prepare them for Ramadan; how will the day look like and what you will do. This will get them excited about sharing their ideas and will set their expectations. Setting expectations ahead of time helps minimize possible problems from arising later on.
  • Make sure you decide together what they will do during the fasting hours. Ask them and have some options from your side to discuss with them. For example, small children can go to a daycare center, older ones can help you in daily food preparation.
  • Together go and buy a lantern “fanous”, or – if you have the time – research online and get creative with some paper to make one and color it. They will feel happy, proud, and engaged.
  • Select and prepare some items together (food or even clothes) and donate them. You can go visit a nearby orphanage and give it as a gift to the children. Your children’s participation will be a story that they will keep talking about.
  • Make sure to feed them (as per their normal day) if they are not fasting. Regular meals will help keep their energy regular and prevent unacceptable behaviors from occurring while you’re fasting.
  • Encourage them to prepare the dining table and invite them to join you on “iftar” even if they will not have a full meal. I understand that sometimes there are attractive TV shows for children during that time, so give them an option; maybe they can join later after their favorite show is over.


May you and your family have a blessed and wonderful month ahead.

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Ayah Sarhan

Ayah is a Community Psychologist specialized in needs assessment and capacity building through strength-based approaches. She has 20 years of diversified experience in coaching, learning, and development. She educates parents and youth on effective communication, and social and emotional skills to prevent relationship problems and promote their well being.

Ayah earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees from The American University in Cairo (AUC). She is a member in the British Psychological Society (BPS), Society for Community Research and Action (SCRA), and an Associate member in CIPD; an Authorized Certified Instructor for Parent and Youth Effectiveness Trainings, and the Licensed Representative for Gordon Training International (USA) in Egypt as the CEO of Life Coach ERS; and a Certified Executive Coach from The University of Cambridge (UK). She is a Co-Founding Board Member in Mother Child Friendly Care Association, and an Advisory Board member of Family Experts Hub.

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