Banana Pancakes



Banana Pancakes

6 near-death bananas
6 eggs

Throw all the ingredients in a blender and mix until there’s no lumps left. Or, just use some elbow grease, a whisk, and a bowl. But getting all the lumps out is important – otherwise they will be hard to flip (as if they aren’t hard enough already). Add in extras, if you’re using them. Heat up some fat (butter, coconut oil, etc) in a skillet or on a griddle. Pour a bit of batter down and make sure to spread it out. Let it cook for 5 minutes or so on medium, or until the middle begins to bubble and pop. Flip carefully (I use the toss-in-the-skillet method) and cook for a few minutes more. Voilà! Pancakes.


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Dana Dinnawi

Dana Dinnawi is an Integrative Nutrition health coach specializing in empowering women to improve their health and family life. She received her training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where she studied more than one hundred dietary theories and a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. She can be reached through her website and Facebook page.

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