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Back to School…Back to Reality



Back to School…Back to Reality

That light.. that piercing light that breaks through the curtains to interrupt the comforting darkness in which you sleep.  That stress free darkness, the nothingness, the relaxation..

The light..that piercing light that keeps coming back through the curtains ..

Today marks the season finale of our time spent on the beach. It’s over.  My uninterrupted sleep has fallen victim to the light.. relaxation is now replaced by anxiety.. anticipation that any minute the curtain will be drawn open and I will be blinded by that light that is ‘BACK TO SCHOOL!!’

The morning rush.. brush your teeth.. did you brush your teeth? Brush your teeth.. phew..  err. .um. .. did you use toothpaste?

Breakfast.. oats? Eggs? Grilled cheese? Anything..

Lunch boxes.. no, you can’t have Cinnabon in your lunchbox. . No, you can’t buy a hot dog from school everyday. How about some carrots in your lunch?

How can so much drama happen before 7:30 am? What? It’s 7:30.. you guys are going to be late.. let’s go…let’s go..

Homework,  tests, practices, more practices, more homework,  more tests…aaahhhhhhhhh

Lost books, girlie squabbles, boy fights, parent teacher meetings.. dreaded parent teacher meetings. .

Scheduling…damned scheduling… art on Sundays, swimming conflicting  with  Dance lessons.  What? How can they make scouts on  Mondays? Don’t  they  know  we have  tennis??

School hasn’t begun and I’m already looking forward to Christmas break!

Despite not having left the beach yet, I am already longing for those days when my only responsibility was to remember to apply sunblock.. when the only scheduling I had to take care of was remembering to go to my morning workout.. when guacamole vs. Cheese dip represented a tough choice.

Tomorrow I move back to reality. Back to a world of curtains drawn open.. heavy at first, I take comfort in the fact that routine eventually makes it easier..time will fly and before we know it Christmas break will be here.. tests, practices, lessons, birthdays..and voila! Spring is here, and time to take out the shorts and Ts. . Once you’re in shorts, everything seems so much easier..so much lighter… it’s the final stretch.. and I’m on the beach again choosing between Tostitos and Doritos!

Now..where did I put that smurfs alarm clock?

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