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Are You Considering Working From Home?



Are You Considering Working From Home?

Working from home can sound a bit overwhelming for some mothers but trust me it isn’t. I have been working from home since I gave birth to my twins almost 4 years ago. For me, it is very thrilling as it breaks my daily routine and makes me feel that I am doing something for myself. It gives me the sense of accomplishment as well as helps me be more productive with the kids. It doesn’t feel right when all you do is related to the house and the babies. Sometimes, you feel like a nanny although these are your own kids. Other times, you feel like you are a housekeeper despite it being your own house. You still need a break.


But you will never think like that when you work from home. It helps make the entire maternity experience worthwhile. Yet, it all depends on the kind of work you choose. For me, choosing to take my writing career seriously was the ideal option. Maybe it’s not that lucrative, but it’s more of a physiological fulfillment than a financial one. “It’s better than nothing”, I tell myself. Not only do I have the luxury to be beside my kids and watch them closely, but I also  have the opportunity to develop myself and utilize this time to do something for my own career/future.


It’s said that “working mums are happier than stay-at-home moms”. If you’re one of those who decided to work (at home or outside), you need to know that you will be feeling better even if it means stressing yourself a bit more. With just some organization and planning, everything can fall in place and you can make the most out of both your work and motherhood…


– Working from home as the name implies is convenient
– Managing your time and working hours daily around your house and kids’ needs
– You can work very early or very late; it’s okay as long as you’re delivering things on time
– You don’t need to deal with the stressful, and sometimes fake, corporate life
– You reduce the hassle of driving and being stuck in traffic to the minimum (only the meetings)


– It’s stressful in a way since you never feel disconnected from the house and its chores
– You don’t meet much people and most of your interactions are virtual which can sometimes be boring
– Sometimes you can feel like dressing up but you’re only working from home
– if you have a very busy personal day, you still need to find the time to finish your work
 – Just because you’re working from home, I feel people don’t take you seriously or feel you’re just acting busy when you’re glued to your PC
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Diana Farid

Diana is a wife and a mother of twin babies who is inspired by music, nature and daily life interactions. She uses her passion for writing to capture special moments, replace pain with laughter, and inspire others. She is a feature writer for several publications in Egypt and the Gulf; through her Twin Mummy’s Diary she shares her thoughts, experiences and helpful tips as she goes us through the roller coaster ride called motherhood, with its challenges and joys.

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