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A truly MOMpreneurial week: Juggling Tonsillitis and Cairo Angels… Scrambled Eggs and the EBRD




A truly MOMpreneurial week: Juggling Tonsillitis and Cairo Angels… Scrambled Eggs and the EBRD


There are weeks as an entrepreneur when you will need to double or triple your FOCUS, and work effectively and efficiently to reach a certain milestone or achieve an important goal.

And there are weeks as a mom when you will need to double or triple your focus because you have a situation at home; your essential role as the primary caregiver being tried and tested, and often your patience along with it.

So when both weeks are the same week, and when that week isn’t a week at all, but over 10 days, then you really have your hands full!

Here I was trying to complete my application to pitch to Cairo Angels while my 9-year old daughter had a fever of over 40 due to tonsillitis. I worked mostly from home as I often do, and pretty much kept my thoughts to myself while trying to do everything I needed to do for her (regular baths to bring down the fever, food, entertainment, medication – eventually and begrudgingly – and just tender love & care); all with a steadfast and positive mindset, managing to fit in a couple of minutes/hours here and there for filling out my application. At the same time I was completing some requirements for a project with the EBRD that is important to my business, and trying not to feel guilty about being delayed (guilt never gets you anywhere).

Surprisingly, despite the odd moments of what seemed like almost complete despair, I managed! Things didn’t go perfectly (things never do and they aren’t ever going to) and I took that in stride too, as gracefully as I could. I think it’s an age thing (I’ve been around a while). Or maybe it’s a 3rd kid thing (you get used to things or get better at handling them). Or maybe it’s because we’re an established name/business and I have confidence in us (although I still have some of the insecurities of a start up).

I figured that I would just focus on the most important tasks, love & care being at the top of the list, and recognize that some of the other tasks may not receive full marks but that I would do my best.

So maybe the scrambled eggs wouldn’t have had that teeny bit too much salt if I hadn’t been on the phone with my contact at the EBRD, and maybe I would have been slightly more coherent over the phone if I had actually been holding it with both hands instead of keeping them busy cracking the eggs and scrambling them frantically while the pan was hot. But both things worked out well!

And that’s how I carried on for 10 days, with a variety of juggling acts and some colorful combinations: squeezing fresh orange juice while on the phone planning our latest sales strategy; in a Skype call with my mentor from the UK while trying to signal to my daughter who had just woken up that I would be with her in 10 minutes and she just needed to hang in there a little bit longer; and hundreds of emails and messages in between doctors visits and door bells.

It was crazy… but in the end it’s the craziest weeks that are the most fulfilling, because once they have past, the realization sets in: “Wow, I did it!” And in the end, it’s less about what got done and more about HOW it gone done and, even better, WHO you get to celebrate with! The first person I went to when I got the news that my application made it to the next round was my daughter who had been so encouraging and supportive, in between alternating bouts of shivering and extreme heat.

A big shout out to all mom entrepreneurs! However you’re “balancing” things, you’re doing a great job :)


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Rania Badreldin

Rania Badreldin is a Happiness Consultant, seasoned social entrepreneur and motivational speaker who is passionate about helping people live happier lives. She is also the Founder and CEO of The Family Hub, the social enterprise behind Mother & Child and The Family Experts network, a technical consultancy arm. Rania is an NLP and Hypnosis Master practitioner, Time Line Therapy practitioner, Certified Parent Educator, and proud mother of three.




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