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A Series Of Dialogues Between Two Voices (2)


A Series Of Dialogues Between Two Voices (2)


During our new “Stay At Home” reality, we as parents have questioned many beliefs and values in our lives. Both our minds, as well as our children’s, are full of wonders and worries. Going through this journey, we have been exploring new dimensions of ourselves, our strengths, our limitations, our thoughts and our emotions. The Coronavirus pandemic has forcedly taught us quick lessons that broadened our perspective of life. This emotional shock has given us the opportunity to listen to the many voices in our heads, to the many feelings in our hearts and to the many intuitions in our guts.

The aim of these dialogues is to validate and regulate the voices inside of us, or between us and our children, so we can define and decide the direction to adopt. The moral of the dialogues is to have a better understanding of one’s thoughts and emotions and to practice slowing down and relaxing so that faith will take over fear, clarity over confusion, benefits over boredom and reflection over rejection.

1. A Dialogue Between Boredom & Benefits 

Boredom Sparks Creativity

Boredom: I am stuck at home. I’m absolutely bored!!

Benefits: Can I share some good news about boredom?

Boredom: How on earth is boredom good?!!

Benefits: If we are not busy with distractions, our minds reorganize some of the things we have learned and retained.

Boredom: Is this reorganization a good thing?

Benefits: I guess yes! Your thoughts become more clear and since our minds have the ability to imagine, new ideas are created.

Boredom: How can my mind imagine?

Benefits: Slow down, sit down, close your eyes and see yourself doing something amazing. What would that be?

Boredom: Can I imagine that I’m flying a plane?

Benefits: Sure you can!

Boredom: Can I imagine that I have created an amazing game that helps people imagine more?

Benefits: Sure you can! You can imagine anything with your mind. Imagination has no boundaries.

Boredom: Hmmmmm…..

Benefits: As long as you can close your eyes and relax, you help your mind to imagine. And you can have the same experience as if you are really doing it.

Boredom: You mean it’s good to be bored?

Benefits: The good thing about it you can be inspired to do things you never thought you could do.

Boredom: Amazing…..

Benefits: Boredom sparks creativity…

Boredom: Wow!


2. A Dialogue Between Rejection & Reflection

From Rejection To Reflection

Rejection: I’m rejecting all the pain that is happening in the world!!!!

Reflection: Pain is part of life. Think of the pain during the birth of a newborn coming to the world as the awakening pain of the rebirth of humanity.

Rejection: I’m rejecting change!!!

Reflection: Change happens in all aspects of life. The clouds are never the same, the day and night is a daily change, the trees change by seasons, the calendar by days, months and years; your body is changing;  your pet is changing; even your thoughts and behaviors change over is about time to recognize that you are part of the change cycle…..It is the cycle of growth and transformation.

Rejection: Yet, I’m rejecting loss!!

Reflection: The real loss is the loss of your time. Rejecting the present moment and not accepting it is as if you are consuming your time in an unproductive living. The rejection mode will not get you anywhere. It only disturbs the quality of your life and deprives you and others from the sense of aliveness.

Rejection: I’m rejecting to be stuck at home!

Reflection: Yes, I recognize it as a forced way to be with your own family after a distracted and disconnected living. It is an opportunity to get to know one another.

Rejection: One last reflection and that’s enough.

Reflection: Okay, slow down, sit down and catch your thinking. If it is a toxic thought, stop it before it gets other similar chains of thought and gets you. If it is a positive thought, build on it and act upon it.

Rejection: I promise to try to catch my thoughts.

Reflection: Trying and practicing will get you to reflection.


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Hanan Sabry

Mrs. Sabry has earned her Bachelor’s degree of Economics from the American University in Cairo and her Masters of Arts in Teaching from the University of San Francisco where she lived and raised her first child in California. She taught in public and private schools and had been an active member in the Bay Area Muslim Community, coordinating children activities and social events. Since her return to Egypt in 2008, she had co-founded Akhlakona, the first Egyptian character building curriculum for K-8 schools. She conducted several parenting workshops and teacher trainings in private and public Egyptian schools. Mrs. Sabry earned several certificates in the field of coaching and healing. Recently, she developed her parenting program and partnered with Intellect Coaching School to certify parenting coaches; the first parenting ICF accredited program in Egypt.

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