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A Series Of Dialogues Between Two Voices (1)


A Series Of Dialogues Between Two Voices (1)


During our new “Stay At Home” reality, we as parents have questioned many beliefs and values in our lives. Both our minds, as well as our children’s, are full of wonders and worries. Going through this journey, we have been exploring new dimensions of ourselves, our strengths, our limitations, our thoughts and our emotions. The Coronavirus pandemic has forcedly taught us quick lessons that broadened our perspective of life. This emotional shock has given us the opportunity to listen to the many voices in our heads, to the many feelings in our hearts and to the many intuitions in our guts.

The aim of these dialogues is to validate and regulate the voices inside of us, or between us and our children, so we can define and decide the direction to adopt. The moral of the dialogues is to have a better understanding of one’s thoughts and emotions and to practice slowing down and relaxing so that faith will take over fear, clarity over confusion, benefits over boredom and reflection over rejection.

  1. A Dialogue Between Faith & Fear

Switch Fear for Faith 

Fear: I’m afraid that things will not get back to the way they were.

Faith: We will get back with great lessons learned and a better attitude of gratitude.

Fear: I’m afraid it won’t.

Faith: Patience and prayers relief stress and worries.

Fear: I pray and yet I’m not in peace.

Faith: Pray with your heart, mind and body – Pray wholeheartedly.

Fear: I don’t know how to!

Faith: Slow down, sit down, close your eyes and breathe; inhale faith and exhale fear. Say your prayers, feel it, see it happening and expect to receive it.

Fear: ………

Faith: Smiles and says peace gets to your heart when you believe it will.


2. A Dialogue Between Confusion & Clarity

Inner Wholeness Leads to Clarity

Confusion: I am overwhelmed with news. On one hand, trusted and well educated acquaintances say some news, and on the other hand friends say other news and I feel I’m like a ball thrown from hand to hand twirling and spinning in the air.

Clarity: You sound that you have been through a lot of up news and down news. You seem like you are watching and listening to too much news.

Confusion: Yes, I’m trying to follow up with the most updated info out there. I’m even repeating and broadcasting whatever anyone is saying to help be informed.

Clarity: Hey, do you know what is more dangerous than the pandemic?

Confusion: Is there anything more dangerous?!!

Clarity: Yes, there is. Infodemic is more dangerous than the pandemic.

Confusion: And what is that?

Clarity: Infodemic is an excessive amount of information about an issue or a problem that makes it difficult on people. It is spreading false news as real. It is broadcasting  and circulating news as breaking news. People are creating their own personalized reality out of fear and offering it as the updated version of reality with a good intention of helping others. On the contrary, it is making it difficult on people leaving them on a sate of confusion, disappointment or despair.

Confusion: I need Clarity. I’m desperate to have it.. I’m falling apart…. I’m shattered.

Clarity: The first thing you need to change in you is that you need to become comfortable with uncertainty; which means you need to fill your heart with faith and trust the process of God.

Confusion: I am faithful to God: I believe in Him and worship Him. What else can I do?

Clarity: Slow down, sit down, give yourself a timeout from news and have a time-in with your- self. Close your eyes for a few minutes and go inward to connect with your inner-self. Visualize you are patting your heart with the care of God and fill your heart with the love of God. Repeat that till you feel that love is getting to your heart and you are filled up.

Confusion: Awe, I even feel better listening to those words and visualizing what you are saying.

Clarity:  Amazing….Spirituality is the vital key to your inner wholeness and outer clarity.



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Hanan Sabry

Mrs. Sabry has earned her Bachelor’s degree of Economics from the American University in Cairo and her Masters of Arts in Teaching from the University of San Francisco where she lived and raised her first child in California. She taught in public and private schools and had been an active member in the Bay Area Muslim Community, coordinating children activities and social events. Since her return to Egypt in 2008, she had co-founded Akhlakona, the first Egyptian character building curriculum for K-8 schools. She conducted several parenting workshops and teacher trainings in private and public Egyptian schools. Mrs. Sabry earned several certificates in the field of coaching and healing. Recently, she developed her parenting program and partnered with Intellect Coaching School to certify parenting coaches; the first parenting ICF accredited program in Egypt.

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