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A Home for Everything 

Everyone wonders now and then why there is clutter around the house, although we regularly clean up and maybe have some assistance. The secret in keeping a place organized is having A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING then putting EVERYTHING BACK IN ITS PLACE. The second part of this rule is especially important; it’s as simple as that!

You live inside the house, you use your things and want to enjoy them but do not want to see them clutter the place, so simply enjoy using them then put them back where they belong.

No matter who is entering the house or when, there’s always stuff coming in and out of the house with you or with your kids… your shoes, their caps, your car keys, their toys, your purse… the list is big.

If these items just land on the sofa or the kitchen table or the dining room chair, I think you have a pretty good idea what’s going to happen… your house is going to look messy and something is going to get lost.

Before you put your keys, purse and coat down, STOP and THINK! Is this where these items go?

Every belonging you have, no matter what, should have a ‘home’. For instance, your keys might go in a bowl by the front door. Or your purse might be hung on a hook in the closet… and never just placed ‘somewhere’ temporarily.

It begins as well when you are out there shopping. Many times we buy things just because we liked them on shelves and do not really need them or are not sure if we have a place for them, consequently, they end up floating around our entrance area or swimming down our room. Do not come back home with an item that you don’t know where you’re going to keep or what you need it for.

Next time before you put anything down, ask yourself, ‘Is this where it goes?’ If you answer ‘no’, then it’s time to find a designated spot for this object.

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Sherine Ezzeldin

Sherine Ezzeldin is an experienced Home Management coach who regularly offers workshops and courses dedicated to promoting a healthier lifestyle among Egyptian families.

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