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A Day In the Life of A Stay At Home Mom



A Day In the Life of A Stay At Home Mom

…. Or mom on maternity leave in my case. Although I’m normally a working mom, let me tell you that stay at home moms should not be underestimated in any way. For people who wonder what a stay at home mom ‘does all day’, I thought it would be fun to give you a little peak into my life by outlining a typical day. Here it goes!

2:00 am: 
Wake up to baby crying on baby monitor.
Stumble into baby’s room half asleep, make bottle of formula and give it to baby.

3.00 am:
Suddenly wake up and wonder where you are.
Realize that baby is still in your arms and empty bottle of formula is lying on her chest.
Thank god that you didn’t drop baby when you fell asleep feeding her. Go back to bed.

5.00 am:
Wake up to baby crying on baby monitor.
Wonder if feeding baby is not good for her since she just ate two hours ago.
Feed baby anyways and make sure you stay awake this time.
Baby takes two sips of formula and goes back to sleep.
Go back to bed.

6:45 am:
Alarm goes off.
Attempt to wake four year old up for school.
Four year old refuses to wake up.
Tell four year old that if he had gone to bed early like you asked him to, he wouldn’t be tired right now.
Four year old doesn’t care.
Physically pull four year old out of bed and put him in the bathroom.
Four year old complains.
You don’t care.
Dress four year old and put him on school bus.
Go back to bed.

9:00 am:
Wake up to baby making baby sounds on baby monitor.
Go pick up baby and think about how you definitely have the cutest baby in the world.
Attempt to eat baby because you are suddenly overcome with extreme waves of love for her.
Make baby Cerelac.
Baby is much more interested in stuffing the bib into her mouth than opening her mouth for the spoon.
Force spoon into baby’s mouth.
Baby spits it out, stuffs bib back into her mouth.
Eventually give up and make baby a bottle of formula.
Think maybe baby isn’t that cute after all.
Wonder if you are a bad mom.
Watch baby stare into outer space and appear to be very deep in thought.
Wonder if maybe baby is a genius.

12:00 pm:
Strap baby into stroller and take her to the kitchen. Attempt to cook healthy meal for family.
Baby fusses because she hates the stroller.
Try to ignore fussing and keep cooking.
Fussing gets louder.
Attempt to talk to baby and find yourself explaining what you are cooking, “W ben7ot gazar ya hanouna ma3al besela 3ashan ta3mo beyeb2a 7elw awi .. bet7eby el gazar?”
Baby screams. She hates gazar.
Tolerate the screaming and just finish cooking.
Wish baby would just nap.
Realize the screaming has stopped. Baby has cried herself to sleep.
Wonder if you are a bad mom.
Put baby in bed and realize how much you miss her when she sleeps.
Wish baby would just wake up.

4:00 pm:
Hold baby and wait outside for school bus.
4 year old comes home grumpy because he fell asleep on the bus.
Remind 4 year old that if he would just go to bed early like you tell him to, he wouldn’t fall asleep on the bus.
4 year old doesn’t care.
Ask 4 year old why he ate nothing out of his lunch box.
4 year old tells you you make bad sandwiches and should consider giving him fries, like Samy’s mom does.
Tell 4 year old fries aren’t allowed in school.
4 year old asks how come Samy is allowed although he is in the same school.
Tell 4 year old Samy and his mother are not our problem.
Sit 4 year old down to eat besela w gazar.
4 year old announces he will not eat carrots because he is not a rabbit.
Take all the carrots out and wonder why you even bothered.
4 year old eats 3 spoons and asks if he could have chipsy.

6:00 pm 
Take 4 year old and baby to football practice.
Put baby on your lap and watch 4 year old.
Baby fusses.
Start singing songs you have made up yourself to baby because she loves them. Strangers stare at you.
Watch nannies run around after kids and help moms with babies.
Wonder why none of the nannies you hire ever stay more than a month, while everyone else doesn’t seem to have this problem.Random mom sits in the seat next to you. Silently pray she will not want to make small talk.
Random mom asks you which one your son is.

8:00 pm:
You have almost convinced four year old that it is time to go to bed.
Husband comes home.
4 year old is extremely excited and baby squeals with delight.
Wonder why they are never this happy to see you.
Husband and 4 year old begin to play with toys.
Tell husband 4 year old needs to sleep.
Husband tells you to just give them 15 minutes.
Tell husband he wouldn’t be saying that if he were the one waking 4 year old up in the morning.
Husband ignores you.
4 year old goes to bed late.

9.00 pm:
Give baby a bath.
Baby plays with husband.
Ask husband if he would like to eat besela w gazar.
Husband refuses,
Wonder why you cook.
Realize baby has not fussed even once with husband around.
Wonder if you are a bad mom.

10:00 pm:
Put baby to sleep. The house is now very quiet.
You are now free.
Miss baby and 4 year old terribly.
Think you can now do whatever you want, but all you really want to do is sleep.
Go to bed.

2:00 am:Wake up to baby crying on baby monitor.

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