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7 Struggles With Pregnancy




7 Struggles With Pregnancy


A very good friend of mine (who just had a beautiful baby boy yesterday!) suggested that I write about pregnancy, before I forget what it was like. I think we really do forget what pregnancy was like once the baby comes, because we are so consumed with all the baby stuff. And because we can’t remember, we get pregnant again, thinking it will be fine because we have done it before. It’s not fine. My last pregnancy ended only 4 months ago, and while my baby girl is a sweetheart now, she wasn’t very sweet when she was in my belly. I still remember Hana, and now that I’m putting it down here, I’ll remember forever (insert evil laugh here). Anyways, here is what I struggled with most when I was pregnant.

1. Stairs:
If you know me, you will understand why this is number one. I’m not the most active person in the world, so put a baby in my belly and you’ve got a polar bear. I went to work for 8 months when I was pregnant, and I would hear things like “There is a meeting upstairs for …” I always tuned out right after that. They lost me at ‘upstairs’.

2. Memory:
I forgot things almost instantly. I would call people who wouldn’t pick up, and when they would call me back I would deny having ever called them in the first place. Then I would check my phone log, and what do you know? I did call! What did I want? Beats me.

3. Always having to pee but feeling too fat to get up all the time:
This was one of pregnancy’s greatest challenges. How much do I really need to pee? Is it worth the effort of pulling myself and my belly up and making the long and exhausting journey to the bathroom? By the third trimester, the answer is almost always yes, because you have someone’s head resting comfortably on your bladder.

4. Knowing you will get horrible heart burn but eating too much anyways:
One of pregnancy’s never ending dilemmas. You are always hungry, but eating gives you heart burn. My philosophy during pregnancy was that I will get fat anyways, so I might as well eat whatever I want and blame it on the baby (my gynecologist hated this philosophy). At the end I realized that even yogurt gave me heart burn. So if no matter what I did I’ll have heart burn, I’d rather have it from chili cheese fries.

5. Other people:
Starting with them being incredibly confident about the gender of your baby before you find out what it is (akid walad, batnek meka3bara), to them wanting to touch your belly all the time. I may be pregnant, but I still enjoy my personal space.

6. Being an emotional roller-coaster:
I hated my husband. Then I loved him. Then I hated him again. Then my son got on my nerves. Then my son was adorable. Then he was too loud. You get the point.

7. Radiating heat:
I felt like the sun. I seemed to somehow be trapping heat and giving it off wherever I went. The AC is your best friend.

The fact that we eventually forget all of this is just proof that babies are little miracles, and worth every single struggle.

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