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6 Quick Tips From a Very Busy Mum!



6 Quick Tips From a Very Busy Mum!

1. Planning is key to a successful house

I am not saying that I am that successful, but planning helps me get around things. Planning your house cleaning, planning your week’s food menu, planning your outings, your kids’ doctor visits, your “me-time”. It is of utmost importance to deal with your house as if it is a project. Become a fan of to-do-lists. I have a small magnetic white board on the fridge for the important dates and house chores. I have a specific notebook for all my personal/house notes.

2. Start loving pre-cooked food

For mothers who want to have fresh cooked food everyday at home, it becomes sometimes impossible to find time for it on a daily basis. What I started to do and find to be a helpful tool is that I plan over the weekend what I would like to cook for the entire week. Accordingly I see which of these dishes can be prepared and stored in the fridge to rescue me when I get super busy over the week days. Always have cleaned marinated poultry ready in the fridge because this is a savior at any given day. Will post easy ideas later for quick dishes.

3. Remember the old saying “Do not postpone today’s chores till tomorrow”?

This is another tool for a happy home. If you don’t want to see the laundry piling up or the kitchen basin flooding with dirty dishes, learn to be efficient. Don’t wait for long to take action. Many mothers I know have the dishwasher at home as an accessory. Use it more often so you never run out of dishes and always have a neat looking kitchen. Same with laundry, the more frequent you do it the better, even if you will wash on a daily basis. Doing small quantities of everything is much easier.

4. Take care of yourself

I’m a mother of a twin babies and having time for myself is a challenge which I often fail to accomplish. But when I do, it really makes me feel alive and fresh which positively affects me and my relationship with my kids. Take time off the house every now and then. Leave the kids with your hubby or mother or a trusted relative and go shopping. Learn something new. Revive an old hobby. Don’t feel guilty doing that. It is for the better, for your house and family.

5. Lower your expectations

Don’t be too tough on yourself. It is impossible that everything will be exactly the same after the kids (especially in the case of twins). You can’t have the time for everything like before. Prioritizing is the solution when you feel overwhelmed. Always list your priorities of what is more important and divide the major tasks across the week days so over the weekend you find everything in place.

6. Never look at your babies as a burden, but rather a joy

I came to know and meet people in my life who suffered until they got blessed with a baby. And I know other people who spent years and still don’t have one. So appreciate the blessing and treat your kids as such. Have fun with them; playing with the kids can take off your shoulder the most pressuring life problems. I spent the first year after I gave birth only focusing on the tasks of feeding and showering, etc. but only when I stopped behaving like that, I began to enjoy my twins more.

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Diana Farid

Diana is a wife and a mother of twin babies who is inspired by music, nature and daily life interactions. She uses her passion for writing to capture special moments, replace pain with laughter, and inspire others. She is a feature writer for several publications in Egypt and the Gulf; through her Twin Mummy’s Diary she shares her thoughts, experiences and helpful tips as she goes us through the roller coaster ride called motherhood, with its challenges and joys.

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