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5 Fun Food Activities for Picky Eaters!




5 Fun Food Activities for Picky Eaters!

The basic idea for the following food activities is to have a lot of fun with your child around the theme of food or eating. This will surely and indirectly turn your picky eater into a healthy food-cherishing child.



Trip to the farmers’ market

Schedule a visit to the healthy farmer’s market with your child, and have them choose new foods to go back home and try.

Recipe search and cooking

Help your child search for new healthy recipes and try them together with different blends and tastes.

The tasting game

Blindfold yourself and ask your child to feed you food samples from little small plates and you guess what the food is. The child will then ask to take a turn including trying new foods he has never tried before just because it’s a fun game. (Put only one new food at a time)

The sorting game

Display a variety of fruits and vegetables on the kitchen table, prepare two different baskets, then have your child sort them into fruits and vegetables.

Pretend play market or restaurant

Pretend play your child is the farmer or the supermarket attendant; make it as similar to real life as possible. Arrange for the whole setting to make it visual and aesthetic. The same with pretending to be going to a restaurant, with the child is the waiter or vice versa.


Even if you as a parent were unintentionally causing your child to be a picky eater, the good news is that with some effort, and a lot of persistence wrapped in a box of fun, your child can be totally transformed into a healthy eater who just loves being a healthy eater!

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Dr. Mona Youssri

Dr. Mona Youssri is a child and adolescent psychiatrist, family counselor and certified trainer accredited by Oxford Press. She has a Masters of Arts in International counseling from the American University in Cairo, is an affiliated International member of the American Psychological Association and a life time member of the International Honor Society in Psychology (PSI CHI). She is founder and owner of The Creative Learning Center, an early literacy based preschool with a unique child psychology based curriculum.

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