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Featured from Dr. Mona Ibrahim Youssri

Working vs. Stay at Home Mom!


Stop comparing and contrasting between each type of mom!!  Read More

How Children Teach Us About Happiness


Children are constantly showing us how to to allow them the happiness they deserve. So let’s just do that!  Read More


How To Protect Your Child Against Sexual Abuse!


Helpful guidelines for parents to protect their child against sexual abuse!  Read More

How to Raise a Healthy Eater?


Have you given up on your child eating fruits and vegetables?  Read More

School Homework Could Be Effortless!!


Over stressing about homework can have a negative effect on the parent-child relationship.
  Read More

Are Picky Eaters Made or Born?


Children realise that the food issue is a major area to control the parents and get whatever they need.  Read More

5 Fun Food Activities for Picky Eaters!


Try these fun food activities to turn your picky eater into a healthy eater!  Read More

The Second Child Around!


During your second pregnancy, it’s common to worry about how you will cope with two children, and how your older child will react to the baby! Read our tips!  Read More

The Healthy Media Diet


Smart phones, tablets, TV… technology can be beneficial as an educational tool but it all depends on when and how much it is used! Find out how to avoid the harmful effects!  Read More

Your child’s well-being through Egypt’s turmoil


  Your child’s well-being through Egypt’s turmoil Dear Parents, Egyptians have been going through more than two years of continuous agony and a challenging degree of stress. The mere instability of daily life and not knowing what to expect just a day ahead is emotionally stressful for any human. We have brilliantly developed coping mechanisms […]  Read More