Solutions for Milk Haters


Solutions for Milk Haters

Solutions for Milk Haters

Children grow quickly because their bones and muscles develop with every passing day. To encourage healthy growth and development, parents should offer their kids calcium-rich foods.

Calcium, a nutrient vital for bone growth, is found mainly in the milk group. Foods in this group are rich in proteins, vitamins, and calcium. Milk is  therefore sometimes referred to as a “complete food.”

The easiest way to supply your child’s body with calcium is through milk, which is a healthy alternative to drinks loaded with sugar such as the soda beverages that kids usually demand. Milk keeps children active by replenishing their calcium stores as well as fueling their  muscles.

Although milk is very healthy and always scores highest on the nutritive value chart, getting children to drink it is quite a challenge for many moms. One of the best ways to overcome this challenge is to educate children about the importance of milk and other dairy products, and you can start at an early age.

A nutrition related game can be a fun way of teaching your kids more about the benefits of milk. For this you’ll need a piggy bank and some artificial coins with “calcium” stickers. Explain to your child that his bones are like the piggy bank, and that they need calcium to make them heavy and strong. Each coin represents a serving of milk, yogurt, or cheese. After every serving, have your child put a coin in the piggy bank, and tell him that ideally he should put in two to three a day. Make sure that it’s clear to your child that the  coins represent calcium and not money so it is clear that you aren’t bribing him. Younger kids will enjoy seeing their piggy bank get heavier every day.

Explain to them that this is exactly what is happening to their bodies. As for older kids, you can tell them that their bones are like a bank account, and that they are depositing and saving calcium in their bones to utilize it when they are older. Also inform them that their maximum investment should be made during their childhood and teen years and cannot be made later, and that milk will help them reach their fullest potential. If your child hates milk and refuses to drink it or throws it up, try offering him yogurt or cheese instead

Full Cream Milk vs. Half Cream/Skimmed Milk

Many parents are confused as to whether they should include full cream, half cream, or skimmed milk in their child’s diet. From the nutritional value point of view, there is no difference. The only difference is in the calories. Full cream milk is appropriate for toddlers. For kids two years of age and older, half cream milk is recommended. If your child is overweight, never consider removing milk from his diet. The best option is give him half cream or skimmed milk. The same holds true for dairy products such as cheese and yogurt.

TIPS TO INCLUDE MILK IN YOUR CHILD’S DIET! *Stock your refrigerator with dairy products. *Serve oatmeal and powdered hot chocolate with milk. *Substitute milk for water in soups and casseroles. *Make homemade pasta with milk. *Encourage smoothies, yogurt drinks, and milk shakes. *Try offering puddings with milk as a base.