Make Your Own Beach Towel Bag


Make Your Own Beach Towel Bag

Make Your Own Beach Towel Bag


Beach towel

Fabric (40 cm x 80 cm)

Wool thread

Upholstery needle (ibrit minagid)

Satin ribbon  (90 cm long)




  1. Fold the fabric 4 cm on one of the 80 cm sides. With the wool thread and upholstery needle, sew the very edge of the part that you just folded, leaving room for you to insert the ribbon later. (Before sewing, use the glue to stick the part you want to sew. Ask Mom or Dad to help you make dots with the marker to show where to sew.)

  1. Use a pen or a safety pin attached to the end of the ribbon to push the ribbon into the part you just sewed. Tie the two ends of the ribbon together.

3. Fold the fabric in half. Place it on the bottom left corner of the towel with the ribbon side up. Glue all 4 sides of the fabric to the towel. Now sew the 4 sides.

On the side with the ribbon, sew only the lower layer of the fabric, sewing along the very edge of the fabric – make sure not to sew the top layer of the fabric to the towel, so that your bag will open

4. Do not sew the left side of the fabric completely closed. Leave it about 10 cm open at the top.

5. Your beach towel bag is finished! Put your hand inside the bag, turn the bag inside out and put the towel in the bag! There is room for your sunscreen and sunglasses too. Pull the ribbon, and your bag is ready to carry!

Tips for Parents

We used the fabric that is sold in large gift shops to wrap gifts. You can also use brush nylon.


Parents should help kids sew. Use the glue to stick together the parts your child will sew. Then make dots with a marker and have your child insert the upholstery needle at each dot. For small kids, parents can make holes with the needle first. This will make it easier for your child to sew.

For a different look, use a plain towel and a patterned fabric to make your beach towel bag.