Is it a boy or a girl?


Is it a boy or a girl?

Is it a boy or a girl?

You’re pregnant! Now the big questions are: What name will you choose? What do you need to buy? And of course everything hinges on whether the baby is a boy or a girl. With ultrasounds being widely accessible, your chances of getting a reliable answer to that question are increasing. Doctors usually have the best results when the ultrasound is performed between the 18th – 26th weeks of pregnancy. But do you really want to know or can you wait for the big surprise at the end of the nine months?

Here are some peoples’ experiences.

Nada: “When I was pregnant with my first baby, I asked and was told I was having a boy. Then I had Amira! So for my second baby I didn’t bother asking.”

Hanan: “My parents didn’t find out the sex of their children when my mom was pregnant even though they could have, so I was inclined not to either. It was kind of a statement that it didn’t matter whether the baby was a boy or a girl. When I had my second child, my older son accurately predicted that he’d be a boy.”

Suzanne: “I found out because… I figured if the information was available, I might as well know it. It was nice to know, since it made picking a name much easier.”

Rasha: “With my first baby, I wanted to know because we had a relative who was in the States and bought a lot of things for the baby, so it was important with me to find out if I was having a boy or girl. With my second baby, I decided I’d like the surprise, but the doctor who did the ultrasound showed me the screen and hinted in a way that made me realize that I was having a boy.”

Ghada: “I didn’t want to know with any of my babies – I loved the surprise of meeting my child for the first time and getting to know him or her as a whole person all at once. I always wanted to hear ‘It’s a boy!’ or ‘It’s a girl!’ in the delivery room and be surprised like mothers in movies always are.”

Reham: “I didn’t want to find out, but when I was having the ultrasound, we couldn’t stand the suspense and asked, and were told it was probably a girl, but the doctor wasn’t sure. All through the pregnancy I had dreams that I had a little boy and they turned out to be more accurate than the ultrasound, because that’s what we had!”

Fatima: “I found out with both my pregnancies. The first time I was hoping for a girl and was told it was a boy. I think knowing helped me get over the disappointment.”


To Find Out or Not to Find Out?

 Reasons to find out

– You can pick out one name.

– You can buy sex specific clothing.

– You can pick out the decoration for the baby’s room, whether in pink or blue.

– If you wanted a particular sex and didn’t get it, you can get used to the idea.

– Preparing older siblings for the baby.

– If anyone in the world knows, you should too!


Reasons not to find out

– The joy of getting a real surprise in the delivery room.

– The doctor might be wrong and then your son will be stuck wearing all the girlish clothes you bought!

– To give yourself something to look forward to when you’re bored during your pregnancy.

– To prove that you can stand the suspense!


Old Wives’ Tales

People have always tried to figure out if expectant mothers will have a boy or a girl, and have come up with the funniest methods. If you choose not to find out through science, you might consider some of these methods, but bear in mind, they don’t have any basis of truth!

* If you’re carrying extra weight around your hips and bottom, you’re sure to have a girl but if it‘s on the front of your belly, it‘ll be a boy.

* If the growth of hair on your legs accelerates, it’ll be a boy.

* Girls carry high, boys carry low.

* If you have colder feet than you did before pregnancy, you’ll have a boy.

* If the father gains weight with the mother, a boy is on the way.

* If the maternal grandmother has gray hair, it’s a boy but if her hair is dyed, you‘ll have a girl.

* No morning sickness means it will be a boy.

* If you’re looking really good, you’re having a boy. If you look worse during your pregnancy, a girl is on the way – because girls are supposed to take their mother’s beauty! Alternately, you may hear that if you’re looking good, you’re having a girl because her hormones are making you look more feminine!

* If you’re pregnant with a girl, your breast size will increase dramatically.

* Mothers of girls crave for sweets, mothers of boys crave salty foods.

* If your nose has gotten bigger, it’s a boy.

* Craving fruit means you’ll have a girl. Meat and cheese cravers have boys.

* A heart beat of 140 or more a minute means a girl, less it’ll be a boy.

* Craving orange juice means you’ll have a girl.

* Headaches are a sign that you’ll have a boy.

* A rounded belly means a boy, a longish one, a girl.

* If you grab a mug by it’s handle, you’ll have a boy, by the body of the mug, a girl.