Glowing through the Months


Glowing through the Months

Glowing through the Months

People always talk about the ‘pregnancy glow,’ but it hardly ever feels glamorous to be pregnant. When you have nausea, are overcome with fatigue, have weight piling on until you start to waddle and become clumsy, are coping with mood swings and many other ailments that come with a body preparing for motherhood such as cramps, swelling feet and back pain, feeling beautiful may not come to you so easily. So how do you manage to make yourself truly glow? The answer is to focus on mind, body and soul!



Get yourself in the right psyche: Pregnant is beautiful. Experts agree that a positive image during pregnancy is healthy for the mom-to-be and the baby in general.

According to them, it’s hard to have a stable body image when it’s changing so quickly, especially in the second and third trimesters. But if you do maintain a positive image, you’re going to enjoy the pregnancy more. You’re going to see it as more of a focus on how your body functions and what it can do.

Tips to get your mind in gear:

• Don’t think of yourself as a victim. You’re not a patient, and you’re not diseased.

• Realize the miracle. It’s cliché but so true. The way your body changes during pregnancy is truly amazing, and you are very special and privileged.

• Be well informed. Talk to your doctor, mother, sister and friends that have been pregnant about how your body is changing and how to adjust after pregnancy.

• Recognize your loss and welcome your gain. It’s ok to feel sad that your body will be changing and you may never get your pre-pregnancy figure back. Take time to mourn it and realize that the baby on the way is well worth it and your post-pregnancy body can still be beautiful even if more maternal.

• Exercise. Pregnant or not, exercise helps improve mood. (Get your doctor’s approval first!).

• Maintain your style. Pregnancy is no excuse to become sloppy. Maternity clothes are becoming more available and more fashionable, so choose designs that fit your style and your new shape.

• Capture the memories. Take pictures of yourself as the pregnancy progresses. Get creative if that appeals to you or even go to a studio. You’ll have fun with it and appreciate it later for show and tell when you recite stories about your pregnancy days.

• You aren’t unwell, you’re just different. Having a social life, exercising and carrying on with any activities you did before pregnancy should not end once you’re pregnant. Clear it all with your doctor first, but you usually don’t need to be treated like a porcelain doll (but by all means indulge in the royal treatment if you sometimes need to!).


Follow these tips to pamper yourself!

• Exercise. Exercise is good during pregnancy but whatever regimen you choose, make sure to consult with your doctor first. Some positions and moves are not recommended during pregnancy. You could consider yoga as an option as it is safe and helps decrease back pain during pregnancy, but again check with your doctor first!

• Take warm (not hot) baths. It’s a real treat and can soothe all the body aches. Some people also find it helps with the nausea. Adding bubbles makes it feel even more special although some women can get irritations from soap when pregnant.

• Drink chamomile tea. It helps with nausea and is very calming and soothing.

• Get a pedicure and manicure. Pick a place that sterilizes its tools and has proper ventilation so you do not inhale any chemical smells. Better still, bring the manicurist to your home!

• Invest in some nice body lotion. Rub your belly daily to reduce itching. Use a good stretch mark cream and get double the benefit!

• Take good care of your teeth. Pregnancy can take a toll on them.

• Get a cooling leg and foot gel. Have your husband, sister or anyone else who’s willing rub your legs and feet for you at night. This is a real treat and the cooling effect is wonderful for swelling.


Get your emotions in check and have a sense of humor. Pregnancy ailments can be annoying, but you can try your best to control them. You can feel exhausted after throwing up for the fifth time in a row and act sickly all day or you can take it in stride, as a fact of life while pregnant, get it over and done with, and carry on with your day. One day the adventures of finding a toilet in peculiar places and at peculiar times to use or throw up in will be a laughing matter.

Pregnancy is not something that happens to you, the victim; it is a privilege you are blessed with. Looking at it this way and truly believing that you are beautiful as a budding mother can give a whole different perspective to being pregnant. A positive attitude and sense of humor can take you a long way – brush up now because you’ll need them once the baby comes along!

If anything is good for your soul, it is the creation of another one inside you. Pregnancy usually makes women internalize and become calm and reflective. Don’t fight that and act as if nothing has changed. Something beautiful has, so embrace it.