Find Your Perfect Stroller!


Find Your Perfect Stroller!


Find Your Perfect Stroller!

Features to look for:


  • Recline: A stroller with a full recline option is best to allow use with a very young baby, and baby can sleep if necessary.


  • Weight: Lighter is obviously better so you don’t have to haul a heavy stroller in and out of your car. However, make sure it is not too flimsy.


  • Sturdiness/reliability: Important that the stroller is durable, especially if it is expensive and you plan to use it with more than one child.


  • Dimensions: A nice compact stroller will fit well in cars, planes and at home.


  • Folding: Ease of folding helps when you’re on the go. It’s something you will probably have to do often so make sure it is not a nuisance.


  • Wheels: Bigger wheels generally maneuver better over various surfaces.


  • Weight capacity: The minimum and maximum weight for the stroller will dictate how early you can start and how long you can go on using your stroller with your child.


  • Storage capacity: All moms have a lot to carry around – diaper bags, keys, a purse, shopping bags. It’s important to have a place to store them while on the go since it’s no fun pushing a stroller and carrying all your stuff. Cup holders and a shelf for all the little bits and pieces are great as well!


  • Seat padding: Padded seats will mean more comfort for your child and are a must for newborns. The less comfortable the seat, the less time your child will want to spend in the stroller.


  • Ease of cleaning: This is crucial for many moms. And we all know how inevitably filthy baby gear gets! Therefore, if available go for the ones with removable seat covers.


  • Accessories: It’s nice to be able to purchase add-ons that make your stroller even better. A bug net for example will mean you can go out walking without too much worry about mosquitoes getting to your baby.


  • Price: Your stroller choice will also be constrained by your budget.