Feeding and Watching TV


Feeding and Watching TV


Feeding and Watching TV

By: Cerelac Egypt

Do you want your child to finish his plate quickly? Do you think switching on his favorite cartoon will help make him finish his whole plate?

Think again!

If you are doing this, you are establishing a faulty eating habit that may lead to health problems for your child in the future.

Let’s see how.

Studies show that watching TV while eating can:

  • Reduce or increase the child’s food intake.

  • Reduces the child’s sensitivity to internal cues to feeling full.

  • Limit meaningful communication between you and your child during meal times.

It doesn’t stop here, watching too much TV can be the reason behind:

  • Child obesity

  • Increased risk of high cholesterol in children

  • Children are tempted to eat fatty foods because they are advertised on TV.

  • Eating disorders for teenage girls, as they are impressed by the thin models on TV


Always try to limit TV time to 1 or 2 hours of quality programming.