1st Annual Natural Birth Conference in Egypt


1st Annual Natural Birth Conference in Egypt

“Natural Childbirth is a Woman’s right”

At Mother & Child, we are thrilled to this one of a kind event taking place in Egypt!

With a mission to raise awareness of women’s rights in child birth, improve birth practices and increase natural birth rate, the Alexandria Regional Center for Women’s Health and Development is organizing Egypt’s first Annual Natural Birth Conference! The event targets Obstetricians and Gynecologists and healthcare professionals working in maternal health, as part of ARC’s mission to promote women’s health in Egypt and beyond. A public session is also planned.

The conference, which takes place on Oct. 16, 2014, hosts an impressive line-up of international and national speakers on a variety of key topics,  and is preceded by several days of pre-conference workshops (Waterbirth certification workshop and AMANI Childbirth Education and Doula Training workshop) and seminars (The impact of birth and first hour on human development and health and Three paradigms of health and birth care: the technocratic, humanistic and holistic models. (See the agenda)

“Even as more evidence mounts showing the harm caused by unnecessary obstetrical interventions, such interventions continue to increase and cesarean rates around the world continue to soar, causing trauma to mothers and babies. How can obstetricians, doulas, childbirth educators and mothers help bring needed change to others? Learn what we can do in our community to promote positive birth change. We are all needed, let’s hone our skills at creating optimal birth models and become better birth practitioners for the women in Egypt.”

Prof. Sameh Saad Eldeen, Head Manager of ARC

“Women and babies’ human rights have been violated in today’s birth practices. We need to take long hard look at our practices and protocols and make sure we are putting mother and baby first. We need to speak out for wide spread and radical change in the way we approach birth. Join us to see in what ways we can propose good birth practices that respect human rights, giving women respect, dignity and informed choices.”

Dr. Hanaa Mohamed Kassem, Ob/GYN consultant at ARC and Conference Coordinator

Speaker Line-up

Robbie Davis-Floyd

PhD, Senior Research Fellow, Dept. of Anthropology, University of Texas Austin and Fellow of the Society for Applied Anthropology, A world-renowned medical anthropologist, international speaker and researcher in transformational models in childbirth, midwifery and obstetrics.

Kristi Ridd-Young

President of Midwives College of Utah and president of MEAC (Midwifery Education Accreditation Council, DONA director)

Aisha Al Hajjar

Natural childbirth educator/ lecturer, founder of AMANI Birth

Certified Professional Midwife (CPM)

WHO/UNICEF certified & La Leche League counselor

Barbara Harper

Internationally recognized expert on water-birth, published author and founder of Waterbirth International

Prof. Ahmad El Ayoubi

Head of El Yamama Maternity Hospital

Prof. Sameh Saad El Deen

Prof. of OB/GYN, Alex. University

Prof. Ahmed Shams

Prof. of OB/GYN, Alex. University 

Prof. Mahmoud Abd Naby

Prof. of OB/GYN, Alex. University

Prof. Hassan Mansour

Prof. of OB/GYN, Alex. University

Dr. Mahmoud El Damaty

Surgery consultant, Instructor at AUC Management Center

Dr. Adham Badeeb

Ass.Prof. of OB/GYN, Alex. University

Dr. Rehab Elsaid

Lecturer of OB/GYN, Alex. University


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