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Rising Hope: Conception and Birth Rate Increases in Women over 40 Years


Read about some of the steps recommended for women over 40 who are planning to conceive!  Read More


How Healthy Is Your Home Food Environment?


Providing children with a healthy home food environment is crucial to the development of their healthy eating habits.  Read More

Family Meals: The importance of eating together


Family meals are associated with positive psychological and dietary outcomes.  Read More

Positive Parental Feeding: How does it work?


Positive parental feeding can set children on the road to healthy eating right from the start. Learn how!  Read More

What Can Children And Parents Do To Prevent Cyberbullying?


What is cyberbullying? And what measures can children and parents take against it?  Read More

#ImAgainstBullying: Protecting Children from Cyberbullying


Children need to be taught how to keep themselves informed and engaged online, while keeping safe from cyberbullying.  Read More

The DIR Floor-Time Approach Meets Children At Their Own Developmental Level


DIR floor-time approach allows adults to help children expand their circles of communication by building on their strengths.  Read More

author : Nagwa Khedr

Chocolate Chia Pudding


Breakfast, dessert or snack chocolate chia pudding is great protein content and no sugar.  Read More

Pause – Reflect – LET GO – Move Forward!


Create your own personal TO LET GO OF list for March and leave these things in your past.  Read More

My 6 Year Old Daughter Was Diagnosed With Cancer!


Find out how one mother’s perspective on life completely changed when her daughter was diagnosed with cancer.  Read More