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Mother-to-be Egypt is a private organization providing essential, up-to-date information to families throughout Egypt, and the region, under the brand name Mother & Child.

Mother & Child is Egypt’s leading source of information for families, dedicated to providing essential content pertaining to pregnancy, parenting, child care, health, nutrition, women’s well-being, relationships and home. Launched as a print publication, Mother & Child has contributed to the well-being of families with helpful and timely information since 1995. In 2014 Mother & Child became fully digital, leveraging technology to reach it’s growing audience.

As a social enterprise, Mother & Child is focused on solving a social problem and serving the community.



Contribute significantly to the well-being of families in Egypt by helping to fulfill their basic human right to access knowledge that supports their welfare.



To source and collect valuable information from credible persons and organizations that will be of use in improving the lives of families in Egypt.

To synthesize that information and reproduce it into clear and easy to comprehend messages for the average person.

To use a variety of methods of communication to disseminate that information and make it easily accessible and free of charge to families of any economic class, education or particular circumstance.


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